My Wingman Sports

Are you ready for some football!?! Or how about tailgating and hanging out with friends? It doesn't really matter  because the MY WINGMAN is such a fun idea you'll be looking for excuses to take yours anywhere and everywhere.

The awesome peeps over at BASEMENT DAD SPORTS recently sent me one of my very own and I am in love with my "new guy". He's about 3 feet tall and has big strong arms to hold things like beverages and a tray for yummy snacks. John will be  loading up the car for a weekend football trip with his buddies and cannot wait to show it off. Hmmm... I can't help but wonder if he will have a seat to himself and be buckled in or will John put him in the trunk for the drive? Either way the My Wingman is sturdy enough to travel well.  Oh look! It's been rainy and gloomy here so looks like John went to read by the pool and take it for a test run. I didn't know guy's read by the pool (hehe) but whatever floats your boat. As you can see we're representing University of Florida here.

Oh lookie here too! It's me! You KNOW I had to go there, all jammied up and doing my nails. Just think, the possibilities are endless. Of course My Wingman was created with football in mind but I love thinking outside the box. What guy (or gal) wouldn't LOVE having they're very own to show off. Don't forget about the college students either. Perfect for dorm rooms and reprerenting they're favorite team.

Isn't My Wingman such an awesome idea? What a fantastic gift this would be! Make sure you follow MY WINGMAN on facebook to stay in the know and if I were you I'd order for more than one for Christmas right now. Trust me, as soon as everyone see's what a quality and fun product they are they'll want one for themselves! Super fun and  functional as well! Here's a little info on Ken and Cathy, creators of My Wingman:  My Wingman™ has been an idea they have been developing for several years. The timing couldn’t be better to bring to market this fun and innovative ultimate fan accessory for tailgating parties, fan caves, dorms, homes and offices everywhere.

The My Wingman™ product is an idea inspired by the unmet needs of avid sports fans to display their passion for their team while providing support for their food and beverages. It is the first in a series of My Wingman ™ products planned by Basement Dad Sports ™ and will soon be the “must have” tailgating accessory for all true sports fans.

Ken is a proud native of the great state of Massachusetts and has had a passion for sports his entire life; playing virtually every major sport throughout high school and college. He’s an avid marathon runner and has completed more than thirty marathons, including the Boston Marathon seven times. His newest passion is surfing the beautiful breaks of Southern California. He did his undergraduate at West Point (Beat Navy!) and completed his Masters at USC (Fight on!).

His wife, Cathy St. Cyr, hails from Iowa and graduated with a nursing degree from Indian Hills College. She shares with her husband a deep love of all things athletic. She played basketball and track throughout high school and is a certified Spinning Instructor and Personal Trainer.

They would love to hear from you!

You can reach them at, on their My Wingman Sports Facebook or Twitter pages or by the good ol’ fashioned telephone at 707-486-5854. 

There are many teams to choose from but keep on mind they would love to hear from you if you have a special request on they're website.  So, how about a giveaway? Woohoo! I thought you'd love that! MY WINGMAN has generously offered to give one of you your very own!  Just enter on the rafflecopter form below and come back daily for those bonus entries. My Wingman will ship prize directly to winner. All entries will be verified. USA only. Ends 10/20/2014. Have fun and good luck!
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Triscuit Challenge #Crowdtapper

I don't know how you feel about Triscuit but personally, for me, I have a new found appreciation for these delightful tidbits. I was recently asked  to think outside the box, or Triscuit box, so to speak. As a member of Crowdtap I get to sample, share and chat up brands I love as well as try out products that are new on the market or I may not even know about yet. Gotta love that!  Come on over and see for yourself  the what's happening and get tappin' for your self.  Easy peasy to sign up and us tappers have a blast! Click HERE and your on your way. Cannot wait to see you on the pages!

A few months back I caught myself making an impulse purchase at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Well! Just look how cute these little tiny glass dishes are! Ha, this was my perfect opportunity to use them.


Here's what I came up with:



1 box Triscuit with sea salt
6 Tbsp. brown sugar
1 stick butter
Mixed berries, fresh or frozen
1 12. oz container ricotta cheese
Juice of 2 lg. lemons
2 Tbsp. honey


In large baggie crush Triscuit's finely. Melt butter in microwave in large bowl and add brown sugar and Triscuit.  Mix well and press approx. 1 Tbsp. of mixture into bottom of serving dishes * I used the individual one's above* but you could use anything you like.
Whip together with wisk the Ricotta, lemon juice and honey until smooth and creamy and spoon into dishes. Add mixed berries and top with triscuit "dust". Refrigerate until served.


Hello gang! I am thrilled to announce that I am one of the chosen! That's right. Turkey Hill now has 20 ambassadors and I will now be your go to gal for all things Ice Cream. Woohoo! I can just see your brains reeling.... What exactly does this mean? Well, how about the heads up on the new Turkey Hill All Natural line up along with fun games and prizes. I thought so. Over the next few months we'll be chatting about they're All Natural Ice Cream as well as some fabulous limited editions.  Spring has sprung and all hail Turkey Hill but if your anything like me ( I bet you are) you enjoy it all year round right?

For those of you local to me I'll be hosting a Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream taste test. I know right! Can't wait so be expecting more information soon. Don't think for a moment that I would even dream of leaving any of my online friends, fans and followers out either.  Coming up we'll have the opportunity to chat on facebook and twitter. I have free product coupons and T shirts so you'll need to have your fingers ready because I'll be quizzing you about Turkey Hill especially they're All Natural Ice Cream.  Be sure your following Turkey Hill on facebook and twitter.  You can also go to they're fun website were you will find all kinds of great info. along with fun games.


Where we make it is why it's good. It's a real place. It's a way of life. And it's a heritage that we work to live up to every day. Its called Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Our mission is to build a brand people can trust.
Company Overview
One morning more than 75 years ago, Armor Frey placed some bottles of milk from his dairy on Turkey Hill into the backseat of his touring sedan and set off to sell them to his neighbors. It was the Great Depression and every penny helped. Slowly, Armor's route grew, until one day his "extra milk" business became his only business. Today the "little" dairy on Turkey Hill sells its milk, drinks, and ice cream in all parts of the United States, making it one of the country's leading producers of dairy products and refreshing drinks.
Only the best ingredients. The way we were taught. In Lancaster County, our families teach us early on about the importance of selecting the best ingredients for our food. At Turkey Hill, we do just that. We select only the finest ingredients for our frozen desserts and refreshing cold drinks. We wouldn't have it any other way.

I'd love to hear from all of you what your favorite Ice Cream is from Turkey Hill Dairy ( nosy me). Have you tried the ALL NATURAL ICE CREAM yet? If not why? Do tell.  Just leave a comment and let's get this party started!

Gorton's Real Solutions Review/Giveaway

We all remember eating (and loving) fish sticks as kids. My siblings and I could not wait for our the Friday night ritual meal. Without fail our Mom would serve us fish sticks, mac and cheese and a green salad. Something about the mere thought conjures up a warm fuzzy feeling. Oh wait, that was  meal was SO 80's! Today you can have your fish sticks and oh so much more thanks to Gorton's Seafood. I tried the new Southern Style Fish Filets and they blew my mind with an amazing crunchiness. I simply sauteed some peppers, onions, celery and tomato's to add on top for a quick and tasty mid week meal.
How would you like to win some free product coupons to try the new line of Gorton's Artisan Filets along with a cutting board? I thought so! Entering is as simple as the wonderful meals you'll be preparing with Gorton's. Good luck and I'd love to hear what you'll be making! USA only, ends 3/26. You can also enter the Gorton's Real Solutions giveaway to win $2500. Woohoo! Stay connected with them on facebook, twitter, and pinterest so you don't miss a thing!
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